About us

Dear customers, it is our great pleasure to welcome you at the web sites of the SUNFLOWER AGENCY. We are very grateful you have contacted us and we hope that you will be able to find all necessary information that you are looking for. They are provided below.

Our agency was established in 1999 and since then we organize all kinds of services requested, connected with families and households, as well as companions for seniors and all persons who need help and support. The main activity of ours is not only taking care of children at all age levels, but of all people who need help of various kind. Consequently we also provide the services in houses, flats and offices.

First Contact

All the services are provided after individual meeting previous negotiation and every customers is given an opportunity to express his requirements. Our services are available
24 hours a day
, in short term as well as long term period.

Every customer is provided with an opportunity to meet the housewife and to decide whether the certain housewife will be appropriate for him or not. The contract always specifies the time to prove whether the cooperation is suitable for both the client and the housewife. If there are any problems, both sides are provided with the opportunity to find different solution.

Offer of the services

Child care
Generally covers:

• babysitting
• revising and remedial teaching
• companionship (accompanying of clients)

Our workers are fully adjusted to the children, they prepare the programme for children individually, obviously in cooperation with the child's parents and according to their requirements they take into account both physical and psychological development of individual child.

Senior care
Generally covers:

• overall help in household, shopping, cleaning, company to the doctors' checks, walks, cultural events, walking a dog etc.
• specialized medical care (massages, baths, etc.) all done by trained and skilled specialists. This kind of treatment, obviously starts after previous acknowledgement with the individual case and decision whether the treatment can be provided at all in the scale required. In such cases it's highly recommended and useful to consult and communicate with the doctor. As an extra service, we are able to arrange company for people living on their own.


Our housewife will take care of the overall organization of your household and other activities connected with it.

Cleaning ladies

We organize cleaning work in houses, flats and offices.

If any of the services offered above would meet with your requirements, do not hesitate to contact us.

We will try to meet your requirements with your entire satisfaction. We are looking forward to any possible future cooperation.